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You can certainly download the apk de brawl stars


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is the
online game genre par excellence on PC. As proof of its popularity, you only have
to see the success of Dota 2 or League of Legends, the spearhead
of the eSports industry. However, what is the best MOBA game
like LoL for mobile 
It is difficult, although there is a new competitor
who aspires to the throne: Brawl Stars.

This online multiplayer mobile game is one of the creators
of Clash Royale
 , Supercell. This study, also behind Clash of Clans,
extends a little more the scope of the universe generated around its main
letters and personages. However, the gameplay of Brawl Stars does not do
game similar to Clash Royale , but to Dota 2  and the like.

Here you can not only play against another player, but you must have
two teammates. The combats are between three against three
and 10 against 10 with a time limit, something that copies Supercell of its
flagship. The objective of both teams is to collect all possible crystals
before the game ends
 . The one who accumulates 10, wins, although you
can also lose them all the way if you die.

Players can resurrect several times each. The penalty
for death is the loss of all crystals, a major disadvantage
if it occurs when the time limit is about to run out. There is another way
to get the victory and is to have more stars than the rival when it ends.
Accumulate stars killing the enemy characters.

Each of the three players that compose the team has to choose a 
character that has different characteristics and abilities. As
with the new 2c2 Combat or Clash Royale Clan Battle,
coordination is the most important thing to win the game. There are many maps in
which to play, each of them with their differences and particularities.


As they have been able to see the people of SUPERCELL has been pretty much
the truth, they have us with an incredible HYPE, every new game of
this company keeps us to the expectation since we hope that if it
is a big bet for this company that is Has assured to launch
success to the MOVIL market.

Download the APK: CLICK HERE


Truth has no complication in the previous point I have
made the link so you can download it from a website
sure where you will not have problems whatsoever when
to install the apk Brawl stars on your device or emulator .